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Regulated plot, Slivnica blvd, Bozhurishte city

  • Offer: Sale
  • Property type: Plot
  • Location: Bodgurishte village, Sofia Map
  • Area: 9 895 sq.m
  • Price: On request
  • Roof Cornice: 15
  • Density %: 60
  • Kint: 1.5
  • Electricity: Yes
  • In regulation: Yes
  • Water: Yes
  • Viza: Yes

Regulated plot with an area of ​​9895 square meters, located in Bozhurishte city, "Slivnica blvd". Issued a visa for industrial and manufacturing buildings, warehouses and residential with parameters: density 60%, intensity = 1.5; cornice = 15m. Fully developed infrastructure network: Sewerage (25sm. pipe across the border of plot and 1.5 m. Pipe 7m. In canvas); Trafopost (50 m. Of land with power 250kW.); Water (9sm. tube in the plot); Phone ; Internet cable; New street lighting on all the face of the plot. Dragoman Road (E 80) direct access. At the entrance of the property has a public transportation stop (bus) which stops at the subway station.

Ivo Dikov

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